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    Who Are We

    We Are Professional Engine

    Reina Rebuilds has been in the industry for over 30 years. A combination of formal education, technical hands-on experience, and training has allowed us to excel in the industry

    Our Model

    Reina Rebuilds manufactures all engines in Sonora, Mexico. We have an established relationship with the Mexican and United States authorities to import and export all rebuilt engines. We’re different from our fellow rebuilt engine manufacturing counterparts. We take pride in that. Our process provides us a competitive advantage in our industry while offering to our customers the lowest prices for quality remanufactured engines.


    Our Process

    • Thorough Cleaning – All Engines get fully disassembled and all components go through a thorough deep cleaning process.
    • Inspection – All reusable engine components go through a detailed inspection and quality assurance process.
    • Remanufacture of Engine Components – Engine block, cylinder heads, crankshaft and connecting rods are machined and refurbished to industry standards and specifications.
    • Procure New Parts – Pistons and Rings, Main, Rod and Cam Bearings, Oil Pump, Cylinder Head Gaskets, among others.
    • Professional Assembly – According to industry standard and specifications.
    • Testing of Newly Built Engine – Cylinder Vacuum and Oil Pressure Test.


    Rebuilding Engines for Over
    50 Years!





    some questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A rebuilt engine is the same as a remanufactured engine. Think of it as the equivalent to a brand-new engine with the same horsepower as the original engine. Remanufactured engines start with an old/used engine that is no longer performing according to original design. The engine goes through an in-depth refurbishing process which includes machining of reusable components (such as an engine block), cylinder heads, crankshaft, and the replacement of critical components that had suffered the most wear and tear during the life of an engine. This can include pistons, rings, bearings, oil pump and others.

    Rebuilding an engine can take anywhere from 4 to 8 business days, if all required new parts are readily available and do not require special order. Reina Rebuild keeps an inventory of the most common engines to minimize downtime for customers and allow them the option to have immediate access to a new engine.

    Reina Rebuilds specializes in large (V6, V8, and V10) gas engines for GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

    Reina Rebuilds offers engine installation services in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. In addition, we have a network of partner mechanics in other cities within the state of Arizona. We would be glad to get you in touch with the right installer.